I U I N N - Fair Business Practices In North Nottingham

The International Union In North Nottingham

Welcome to Our Humble Little Website! My name is Jane and I run a local dog grooming business in the North of Nottingham , UK. A group of local business owners and I decided to set this up one evening after discussing the ins and outs of local business practices; the way in which we all operate and how we come to be businesses.

We set up this page as we eventually hope to create an International Union of Fair Business Practice from our small, local businesses in North Nottingham. This is our long term goal. We are a team of five and we are ever expanding. We will hold regular meetings each year via a Meet-Up group that we will be creating shortly. We would welcome any business owner from across the country or even world, to join us. We believe in the following business practices: fairness towards customers, and refunding goods and services where legally binding or morally correct, and fairness towards all local business owners by avoiding excessive competition, for example, pricing competitors out of the market. We believe that everyone has a right to be in business and should not be pushed out for any reason. We hope that we will be able to spread the word of our (so far), little union and that we will be able to create a fairer trade between customer and business owner and business owner and business owner in the future. Contact Us: North Nottingham (Notts), U.K. | 07876567871